TradeGecko Payments helps SME wholesalers get paid 3x faster

November 24, 2017


TradeGecko, a leading inventory and order management platform, launched TradeGecko Payments in May 2017, a built-in payment platform that helps wholesale merchants get paid on orders faster and have greater visibility and control over their cash flow. On the 16th November, the TradeGecko Payment platform is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand.

TradeGecko Payments helps SME wholesales better manage their cash flow by enabling their customers to pay directly from an invoice with a single click, dramatically reducing the time it takes to process payments. Since launching TradeGecko Payments, wholesale businesses have reported reducing their processing time from an average of 27 days to just 9 days.

"We built TradeGecko to give time back to entrepreneurs so they can focus on building the business of their dreams. With TradeGecko Payments, our merchants receive payments up to 3x faster and have control over their cash flow, giving them time to focus on doing what they love," said Cameron Priest, co-founder and CEO of TradeGecko.

Built in partnership with leading payment processor Stripe, TradeGecko Payments provides merchants with a reliable, affordable and secure platform to receive payments.

"TradeGecko was paramount for us to take a massive leap. When we realized what TradeGecko was doing for us it was kind of an epiphany moment… We are receiving payments so much quicker since TradeGecko Payments was enabled and our customers love it," said Carolina Vieira, Chief Operating Officer of Incausa on using TradeGecko and its payment solution.

TradeGecko Payments will soon be available in 25 countries globally. For more information visit:

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