Singapore-Based Company Offers Curriculum Planning Service for Teachers

February 6, 2018


Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. employs highly qualified educators to create and share resources with teachers, tutors and educators both in Singapore and overseas.

Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. offers a curriculum planning service to educators in Singapore and overseas, covering plans for elementary through pre-university level. The service is invaluable particularly to educators owning smaller establishments that might not otherwise be able to afford an equivalent range of textbooks and other resources and can therefore outsource this vital part of their educational delivery.

The Singapore education system has been widely acclaimed for its success in nurturing students. The country recently topped an international ranking compiled by OECD, with the report drawing attention to the correlation between a high-quality educational system and economic progress. The curriculum that has been created and developed in Singapore has proven highly effective in facilitating learning. Customized curricula, based on the Singapore syllabus, will be exported to the USA as well as other Asian countries.

Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. employs two former professors, both with doctorates, who are cognizant with the latest pedagogy and innovative trends in curriculum development, teaching and planning. Additionally, there is a team of experienced senior teachers from diverse backgrounds.

"The curriculum planners we employ have a deep understanding of pedagogical issues so the curriculum design is well grounded and caters to diverse learner needs and the demands of content and teaching processes," says CEO Anthony Fok. "Tuition centres that are relatively new in the private education industry may lack the financial resources and time to produce good quality curricula and worksheets, making it difficult for them to compete with bigger players in the industry. They can now access customized worksheets for the needs of their own students. We also create our Singapore syllabus for international private schools overseas."

The service Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. provides helps lessen the load for educators allowing them to focus on student motivation and effective management. The company also offers training for educators. Fees for this service vary according to the hours and manpower needed to complete the work; including resources such as videos, flash cards, worksheets, exam papers, activity lists, and teachers' guides. For more information, please visit

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